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Extraordinary landscape of Scotland are times I will always remember

It has been my great pleasure travelling with all of you to the Highlands of Scotland. 
Sharing meals, a drink, a word or two or simply sharing a moment as we gazed out over the extraordinary landscape of Scotland are times I will alway... read more LH | Scotland

Until we meet on the ‘high road’ again

First of all, the people on the tour, including our hosts John and Theresa Bishop were very friendly and welcoming. Many on the tour were well seasoned travellers. We enjoyed conversing and getting to know everyone.
The scenery of Scotland, ... read more W & T | Scotland

Really enjoyed our ‘ride’ through Scotland

I’m very happy to have gone on this adventure “Country Roads Scotland: Highlands and Islands” with guest host John Bishop.  It really was a pleasure. And I can’t thank you enough for keeping all of our ducks in a row as various arrangement... read more K M | Scotland

It was unforgettable. I am so glad I went.
Thanks for your emails welcoming us all back home. The trip to Croatia was wonderful, tiring, but wonderful. The visit to the Postojna Caves was wonderful and I know others enjoyed the Baredine Cave but it wa... read more LH | Croatia

Thanks to you for all of your efforts, tying up the numerous details to make the trip such a success.
We are now back in Vancouver and will have many years of pleasure thinking about the wonderful experiences from the Croatia trip. The group seemed to be quite congenial, which made for an even better journey. Thanks to you for all o... read more G & J | Croatia

Overall it was a very good trip and I enjoyed it!
The foodie experiences were my favourite and all done extremely well! 
read more KM | Croatia

A lovely group of travel companions
All the groups we have met in our three tours have been great but this one was very special somehow. Our tour guide (Duska) was amazing and we felt well looked after. I would have loved to have brought h... read more B & B | Croatia

It was a very exciting trip!
Gail and I had a very enjoyable tour of Croatia. We enjoyed all of the people that were with us .... maybe 28 people was more than usual but it did workout! John and Theresa were the usual great hosts, unfortunately John was bothered with a b... read more B & G | Croatia

Loved the trip action packed

Thanks for everything. Loved the trip action packed.

read more JP | Greece

What a great trip!

Hi Jenny

We are waiting with others to board in Montreal. What a great trip!

read more BF | Greece

I have loved Greece

I have loved Greece. Each area we went to was unique in its own way. Right off the bat I’d say the meals we had on the little islands that we got to by boat were definitely highlights for the group as a whole. Our windup dinner was great. I may... read more MS | Greece

Best one I have been on for sure and I feel I have really seen Greece now

The trip was fabulous in my eyes. A few little things from my perspective. As I told the group, I had nothing to compare it with on previous trips. Best one I have been on for sure and I feel I have really seen Greece now. I had been to San... read more CP | Greece

What a marvelous and varied trip Greece was for us

Good morning Jenny,

Now we are recovered from jet lag and reflecting on our trip, I wanted to thank you and let you know what a marvellous and varied trip Greece was for us. It was my first trip and Peter had not been for ... read more PS | Greece

The best tour I have been on

The best tour I have been on – and the only one (I thought I would hate a tour). Strengths – the people on the tour, our guide in Hanoi (superb) and in Saigon (smart and thoughtful), the countries themselves, the hotel in Hanoi, the fact t... read more Linda K | Cambodia

I think the trip was outstanding

From my point of view I think the trip was outstanding. The Laos pre-tour with just six of us was wonderful. I have to say it was a jam-packed schedule, but I did not want to miss a thing as I had paid to go that far to see everything. I th... read more Sharon L | Vietnam

Thank you for all the work you put into this

Thank you for arranging the pick ups in Hanoi – Hung, our tour guide from Hanoi, greeted us at the airport which was great.
We all loved her and thought she was the best guide we had. Thank you also for arranging for us to s... read more Lorna R | Cambodia

We had a wonderful time

It all worked out fine and we are now safely at home.... a lot of good memories. We had a wonderful time and would definitely consider another Journey with Hearts tour.
Thanks for all your personal attention and thoughtful comm... read more Judy L | Cambodia

Fantastic trip Jenny

Fantastic trip Jenny, really great. Made 40 new friends! So when is the reunion?

read more IA | Scotland

We had a very good time

We are back home and finally rested up! This was our first escorted bus tour so have no comparisons to make except we had a very good time. Staying 2-3 nights in each location was excellent planning and all hotels were fine.<... read more JB and DB | United Kingdom

Appreciated the efforts that went into creating the trip
The tour went very well, and certainly covered a lot of ground. I think if Bard is to do this again, though, many of us would have suggestions for doing it a bit differently. Less travel, more theatre, not so many historic sites in one day, an... read more PC | Scotland

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