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Where Unique Travel Experiences Meets with Philanthropy

"Journeys with Heart" is a committee of enterprising, resourceful, dedicated volunteers from Vancouver, Canada who are committed to fundraising initiatives and philanthropy that benefit non-profits through local events and travel. The committee was formed as a result of a very successful fundraising tour to India in 2008, called "Namaste" benefiting the BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre Foundation.

The concept is a simple but effective one.

For the donors/travellers whose active participation is encouraged, the benefits are emotionally gratifying (the featured non-profit realises a donation from each guest on the tour); for the the non-profit, an opportunity to raise funds and educate the public through a unique medium; for the travel agent, an opportunity to give back to the community through exclusive exhilariting travel experiences, tours and events limited only by one's imagination; for the celebrities, with an invitation to participate and anticipated support, a hope to further enhance and give credence to these fundraising opportunities for the non-proft agency; for the members of Journeys With Heart making a difference is what it's all about. Moments in life that are better experienced than explained.

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