The best tour I have been on

By Linda K in Cambodia

The best tour I have been on – and the only one (I thought I would hate a tour). Strengths – the people on the tour, our guide in Hanoi (superb) and in Saigon (smart and thoughtful), the countries themselves, the hotel in Hanoi, the fact that almost everyone on the tour has a genuine “heart” for people, for ideas, for travel and for making a positive difference in the world in a variety of ways – I think this acts as a screening device, the informal yet powerful role played by the “sisters” - Jane and Mary – their two songs were actually the sound track to the happiness group in convenience shoes, the visit to the orphanage, the boat trip/lunch on Halong Bay. The journeys with heart concept I think acts as a sorting device so you get genuinely nifty people – I really MISS our tour people.

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