Greece Tour

Greece Tour




October 1- 15 2018

Join Chef John Bishop this Fall…
Autumn has arrived – and summer in Greece has bid us a fond fare­well. Its uniform golden hue has given way to an array of colours found only in autumn, the most charming season of the year. The Greek countryside is waiting to reveal its secrets to unsuspecting visitors and well-informed nature lovers alike.

With its unbeatably beautiful landscapes and rich palette of colours, it could give even the most gifted impressionist painter a run for his money – indisputable proof that Greece is an excellent choice of holiday destination at this time of the year too. Harvest activities set the tone, and visitors are welcome to join in this celebration of the land and enjoy the unique tastes of a cuisine linked to the qualities and characteristics of its society!

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What a marvelous and varied trip Greece was for us

Good morning Jenny,

Now we are recovered from jet lag and reflecting on our trip, I wanted to thank you and let you know what a marvellous and varied trip Greece was for us. It was my first trip and Peter had not been for ... read more PS | Greece

Best one I have been on for sure and I feel I have really seen Greece now

The trip was fabulous in my eyes. A few little things from my perspective. As I told the group, I had nothing to compare it with on previous trips. Best one I have been on for sure and I feel I have really seen Greece now. I had been to San... read more CP | Greece

I have loved Greece

I have loved Greece. Each area we went to was unique in its own way. Right off the bat I’d say the meals we had on the little islands that we got to by boat were definitely highlights for the group as a whole. Our windup dinner was great. I may... read more MS | Greece

What a great trip!

Hi Jenny

We are waiting with others to board in Montreal. What a great trip!

read more BF | Greece
Loved the trip action packed

Thanks for everything. Loved the trip action packed.

read more JP | Greece