Seva Canada

Seva Canada - is an international development organization founded in 1982 to restore sight and prevent blindness in low-income countries. Seva creates local, sustainable programs that achieve long-term change, are culturally sensitive and provide equal access to eye care for all regardless of location, income, gender or race.

To date, Seva’s partner programs have restored eye sight to more than 3 million people. Currently Seva Canada works in 11 of the poorest places in the world: Nepal, Tibet, India, Tanzania, Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Burundi, Cambodia, Guatemala and Egypt.
Avoidable blindness is a solvable crisis. 39 million people worldwide are blind with 90% living in low-income countries struggling for life's most basic needs. Two-thirds are women and girls. It doesn't need to be this way. 80% of all visual impairment is avoidable through prevention, treatment or cure. Learn more about how you can give the power of sight at