Benvenuiti a Puglia e in Sicilia

Benvenuiti a Puglia e in Sicilia

Benvenuti a Puglia e in Sicilia

A Warm, Friendly Welcome

May 15 – 31, 2019* – NOW SELLING

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We invite you to join Chef John Bishop to go off the beaten piazza!

*combined tours

Sicily – In the heart of the Mediterranean, with its sparkling seas, rugged mountains and an active volcano, Sicily has been fascinating travellers for many centuries. With its lively city markets,breathtaking architecture and flavourful cuisine, you’ll experience first-hand why Sicily is named one of the world’s most captivating destinations.

Amalfi Coast/Capri/Puglia – this portion of your journey starts on the legendary Amalfi coast, visit the charming seaside resort town of Capri and then onto to Puglia. There’s no better place to kick back than in the laid-backheel of Italy’s “boot” a region known for its centuries old farmland, whitewashed townsand miles of scenic coastline. Here the pace is slower, the produce is fresher, and the water is bluer.Castles and caves, sunsets and seafood, plus vineyards and villages offer some of Italy’s greatest treasures!