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Vicki Gabereau

Award Winning Queen of Talk

VANCOUVER, BC - Nothing is static about the unpredictable, out-spoken and accomplished Vicki Gabereau. Vicki Gabereau is a three time ACTRA Award Winner for best radio host-interviewer, and Canada’s undisputed Queen of Talk.

Awarded two Leo Awards for best talk/lifestyle show and for the best talk/lifestyle host. Gabereau is the kind of person who makes friends wherever she goes.

She has a knack for getting the most reticent and evasive guests to chat with her like neighbours over the back fence, making it easy to get the inside scoop that Barbara Walters never gets.

Gabereau’s insight into the lives of the people she interviews, her warmth and her wit (not to mention her humour) add up to make her a hit with audiences across the country.