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Stephen Haughan


50 year old London born Author and father of three now living on the south coast of England in the seaside town of Margate.

Began writing many years ago when my children were young penning a series of stories for them and the passion grew and grew.

Mine is an unusual story because i worked in construction for many many years keeping my writing to myself, i would scribble notes of pieces of timber while at work and sit up until the early hours on my electric typewriter piecing the stories together. Not only am i a guy that's worked in construction, I am a guy that writes predominantly for women, or at least the vast majority of my readership seem to be female.

Peshwari Nans, the story of two elderly sisters Esther and Minnie their classic car Vivien and their 7000 mile journey from London to Raipur in the Indian heartlands, was my fourth novel and i have just completed the sequel and am planning more in the series because Peshwari Nans is attracting a worldwide following with readers from your home country of Canada, Alaska, Australia, Denmark, Japan, France and many more with rave reviews from delighted readers.

I have travelled to countries such as Borneo, Vietnam and Cambodia and hope to venture further to broaden my horizons as it were.