Italy with Weeds

July 16 to August 4, 2019 – Selling Now!

For the past 9 years jazz impresario CORY WEEDS has been guiding 30 – 40 very lucky people around places such as Cuba, New ork and Chicago experiencing delicious food, fine wine and swinging jazz! The 2019 tour sees Weeds leave the continent and head to the wonderful country of Italy. The International Jazz Festival of La Spezia is the longest-running Italian music festival dedicated to jazz music. It has been taking place in and around La Spezia since 1969. Weeds’ friend, pianist Antonio Ciacca is the Artistic Director of the festival and promises an unbelievable experience for the 2019 edition! Enjoy the unique charm of the area of Northern Italy and Cinque Terre. You’re sure to arrive back home from this tour with lots of photos and stories!

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The best tour I have been on – and the only one (I thought I would hate a tour). Strengths – the people on the tour, our guide in Hanoi (superb) and in Saigon (smart and thoughtful), the countries themselves, the hotel in Hanoi, the fact that almost everyone on the tour has a genuine “heart” for people, for ideas, for travel and for making a positive difference in the world in a variety of ways – I think this acts as a screening device, the informal yet powerful role played by the “sisters” - Jane and Mary – their two songs were actually the sound track to the happiness group in convenience shoes, the visit to the orphanage, the boat trip/lunch on Halong Bay. The journeys with heart concept I think acts as a sorting device so you get genuinely nifty people – I really MISS our tour people.

Linda K | Cambodia