Italy with Weeds

July 16 to August 4, 2019 – Selling Now!

For the past 9 years jazz impresario CORY WEEDS has been guiding 30 – 40 very lucky people around places such as Cuba, New ork and Chicago experiencing delicious food, fine wine and swinging jazz! The 2019 tour sees Weeds leave the continent and head to the wonderful country of Italy. The International Jazz Festival of La Spezia is the longest-running Italian music festival dedicated to jazz music. It has been taking place in and around La Spezia since 1969. Weeds’ friend, pianist Antonio Ciacca is the Artistic Director of the festival and promises an unbelievable experience for the 2019 edition! Enjoy the unique charm of the area of Northern Italy and Cinque Terre. You’re sure to arrive back home from this tour with lots of photos and stories!

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G and I consider our trip to Japan one of the very best among the great trips we have taken. We asked ourselves this morning if there were any negative aspects about this one and that led us to the word, flawless.

The pace was rigorous. The variety of opportunities to see and understand Japan and its culture were outstanding.
I cannot begin to guess how many hours you spent on shaping this trip, Jenny, but it was an outstanding opportunity for us to meet all the goals we hold for international travel: a pleasurable time and a means to explore, learn and grow our understanding of the world and ourselves. Thank you so very much.

G & J | Japan