England & Scotland 2012

England & Scotland 2012

his exciting tour began in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh and ended in the largest metropolitan city, London, England.

It was be full of wit and charm with celebrity hosts, Christopher Gaze- artistic director, actor and British born; and Vancouver funny-girl and favorite radio/tv personality, Vicki Gabereau.

This tour was designed and guided by - INSIGHT VACATIONS "maintains an uncompromising commitment to offering the highest standards of product integrity, outstanding service and leisure experiences."

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You gave us a great gift

You gave us a great gift – please thank all your good companions who have helped you create “Journeys with Heart”. My best always.

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Thanks to you, all our travel arrangements went like clockwork

We arrived home late Wednesday after two great tours. Thanks to you, all our travel arrangements went like clockwork, including all flights and the Eurostar to Paris, which, in our opinion, is much better than flying. The Bard Tour was grea... read more PJ | Scotland

Appreciated the efforts that went into creating the trip
The tour went very well, and certainly covered a lot of ground. I think if Bard is to do this again, though, many of us would have suggestions for doing it a bit differently. Less travel, more theatre, not so many historic sites in one day, an... read more PC | Scotland
We had a very good time

We are back home and finally rested up! This was our first escorted bus tour so have no comparisons to make except we had a very good time. Staying 2-3 nights in each location was excellent planning and all hotels were fine.<... read more JB and DB | United Kingdom

Fantastic trip Jenny

Fantastic trip Jenny, really great. Made 40 new friends! So when is the reunion?

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