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– Country Roads of Scotland – Highlands and Islands – 12 days - September 17 – 28, 2022 with optional London/Cotswold extension (Postponed 2020)

Sicily and Malta – May 2023 **tentative – subject to change without notice

New Zealand – 2023/2024 ** tentative – subject to change without notice
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At home with the United Kingdom’s Antarctic Heritage Trust
Discover the natural and historic wonders of the “Last Continent” with members of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, an organization that preserves Antarctica’s buildings and artifacts. Led by the Trust’s Chief Executive Camilla Nichol, explore Port Lockroy—Britain's first permanent Antarctic base—and see how preservation works in action during an illuminating episode that journeys through the history of Antarctica. Viking TV – June 18, 2021

Gordon's Guide To Apples | Gordon Ramsay
With summer quickly approaching, here's a quick guide to apples and some delicious recipes to try.
June 17, 2021

Hole Park, Kent; the beauty of bluebells
Hole Park in Kent is proud to stand among the group of gardens that first opened in 1927 when the seed for the National Garden Scheme was planted. Laid out by the present owner, Edward Barham's great grandfather the 15-acre garden is surrounded by parkland with beautiful views. It contains fine yew hedges, large lawns with specimen trees, walled gardens, pools and mixed borders combined with bulbs, rhododendrons and azaleas. The massed bluebells in the woodland walk make spring an especially good time to visit.

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors unique access to over 3,000 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales and raises impressive amounts of money for nursing and health charities. During the lockdown of 2020, our ever-resourceful garden owners created films of their gardens so we could keep the garden gates open online.  May 1, 2020

Thailand, Covid-19 vaccine and the race to save tourism - BBC News
Thailand depends on its tourism sector, and normally welcomes 14 million visitors annually. But Covid-19 saw visitor numbers plunge to just four million last year. In the key resort of Phuket, mass vaccinations are being organised ahead of this year's tourist season.
BBC News – 12 June, 2021

How to Build the Ultimate Picnic Basket, According to Chefs Around the World
Snack like you're in Mexico, France, or Japan.  
Soon, the sting of canceled flights and postponed bucket-list trips will be just a distant memory. And as we begin to circumnavigate the globe once again, it means being reunited with many of our most beloved foods. This summer, why not find a new way to luxuriate over a meal? A picnic allows you to not only savor all your favorite soft cheeses or craggy scones at your own pace, but to do it outside (ideally on a chic blanket in a spot with superb people-watching).
May 24, 2021

Photo credit: 12019 - Pixabay

Hide and Reveal – creating mystery in Japanese Gardens
What makes traditional Japanese gardens distinctively different from western gardens?
There are a number of design techniques used and one that is especially effective is known as `hide and reveal’, also known as miegakure. It involves creating an illusion of distance by partially concealing a view or features in a garden, such as hills, rocks, water, or lanterns. Its origin is in Chinese landscape painting, where, for example, a sense of depth is created with mist partially hiding and partially revealing mountain scenes. GET INSPIRED READING TIME : 3 MIN
Courtesy Ponant Cruises 

The Gardens in the Four Seasons
The Adachi Museum of Art is located in Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture. It opened in November 1970, with art works collected over the course of many years by Adachi Zenko, an entrepreneur from the city. The museum also boasts beautiful Japanese gardens and modern Japanese paintings. It is notable that the collection of Yokoyama Taikan, one of the greatest Japanese painters, includes 120 works, ranging from his early to late life, making it the foremost in both quality and quantity. Moreover, the museum houses numerous other art works, including ceramic works by the greatest masters, Kitaoji Rosanjin, children’s paintings, wood carvings, lacquerware and contemporary Japanese paintings. The total number of works is around 2,000, and the museum has recently focused on collecting contemporary Japanese paintings. We select and change the works on display 4 times a year, in accordance with the changing seasons.

Photo credit: PIX1861 - Pixabay

The Ethiopian who saved Italian goat cheese
A political refugee who settled in the Italian Dolomites single-handedly helped to revitalise a vanishing Italian town and its endangered breed of goats.
  • By Vittoria Traverso
2 April 2021
After this story was reported, Agitu Idea Gudeta was tragically killed. Her family gave BBC Travel permission to publish this story in her memory. 

Lloret De Mar Town, Costa Brava - 🇪🇸 Spain - 4K Walking Tour
Wandering around the popular beach town of LIoret De Mar, in the Costa Brava Region, Catalonia in Spain. Lloret de Mar is a Mediterranean coastal town in Catalonia, Spain. It is 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of Girona and 75 kilometres (47 miles) northeast of Barcelona. With a population of 39,364 in 2009, it is the second largest town in the Selva comarca of Catalonia. There are historical remains of Iberian and Roman civilisations at various archeological sites. The first written references to Lloret de Mar can be found in documents from 966 as Loredo from the Latin word 'lauretum' (bay laurel). Like many Mediterranean coastal towns, Lloret was frequently invaded by the Saracens in the Middle Ages. It is said that the traditional Ball de Plaça (the Dance in the Town Square) dates from this era. Lloret de Mar attracts summer visitors on package tours. Its main beach (length: 1,630 m; width: 45 m; small, gravel-like stones) is one of the most popular Costa Brava beaches, and is consistently awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness. Date recorded: 2020, August Weather: ☀️ 33C | 91F Wanderlust Travel Videos

Best Eggplant Dish EVER - Turkish Stuffed Eggplant KARNIYARIK
As a Country Life Vlog, we love to share what we do at countryside, engage with nature and make the most out of village life. Come and see the colorful videos of nature, unique cooking recipes and just the beautiful life at a countryside. Sit back and relax by watching our content!  May 5, 2021

The UK’s forgotten “fifth nation”
The Tamar River is central to Cornish history and identity, marking a 1,000-year-old divide between Celtic Cornwall and Anglo Saxon England.
'I'm glad I live on the west side of the River Tamar,' said Rob Tremain emphatically as we discussed Cornish history and politics in the shadow of Launceston Castle. 'Driving back home over the Tamar, my dad would always wind down the windows and say: 'We can breathe again; we're in Cornwall!'.'
  • By Richard Collett
7 June 2021

At home in Malta’s Casa Rocca Piccola with Nicholas de Piro
Hosted by Nicholas De Piro
Step through the doors of Malta’s opulent Casa Rocca Piccola and enjoy an exclusive tour with current resident Nicholas de Piro, 9th Baron of Budach and 9th Marquis de Piro. Located in the heart of Valletta, this 16th century palace is home to a remarkable collection of art, antiques and colorful furnishings, which Nicholas highlights as he guides us through its ornate rooms. We are also joined by his son Clement, who explores the history of the WWII bomb shelter found underneath the palace and recounts the time Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. visited the Casa in 1943.  Viking TV – June 11, 2021

OBEROI UDAIVILAS: best luxury hotel in India (phenomenal!)
Join me on a full tour of The Oberoi Udaivilas, the most amazing five star resort in India. The property is spread over 50 acres on the banks of Udaipur's Lake Pichola, on the 200-year-old hunting grounds of the Maharana of Mewar. 25 July 2020
the Luxury Travel Expert
the Luxury Travel Expert

16 Satisfying Art Techniques From Around The World | Ultimate List
Whether techniques have remained the same for hundreds of years or evolved as they spread to artisans around the world, art can reflect a place’s unique history, traditions, and culture. And in many cases, it's pretty satisfying to watch. Here are 16 satisfying art techniques from around the world.
Insider – June 11, 2021

North African Restaurant Leaves Gordon Ramsay Amazed | Ramsay's Best Restaurant
After sifting through over 12,000 nominations made by the public, Gordon presents his two finest local North African restaurants. A small restaurant in Hammersmith run by a husband and wife team goes head to head with a celebrated Moroccan restaurant in the heart of central London.
All in the kitchen – June 18, 2021

This Fancy Footwear Craze Created a ‘Plague of Bunions’ in Medieval England
Elite Europeans who wore pointed shoes toed the line between fashion and fall risk, a new study suggests
During the 14th century, a quirky fashion craze swept Europe’s wealthiest off their feet. Rejecting the functional, round-toed footwear of the past, lords and ladies donned crakows, or poulaines—shoes with extraordinarily long toes that tapered to an elegant point.

By Nora McGreevy
JUNE 14, 2021

The Rainbow Village | Indonesia Discoveries | World Nomads
The villagers of Kampung Pelangi, in Semarang, Java, have spent $22,000 painting their community in rainbow colors. They hoped it would lead to an increase in tourism and improvements in their living conditions, and the risk paid off. The village has been transformed from a slum to a vibrant landmark, and it has quickly gained attention on social media. Join Jo Raj from World Nomads as she travels to Indonesia’s Rainbow Village to see if the village’s colorful makeover has changed the lives of the locals, and finds out how it feels to live in a rainbow. World Nomads Apr 3, 2018

Lead photo credit: Marzamemi, SR, Italia - Pier Averara @pierave – Unsplash

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JWH celebrates Chef John Bishop and Bishops Restaurant! Exclusive Invitation

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