Traveitude (noun) : When you haven’t travelled for a while and you’re getting grumpy and sassy about it!
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A tale of 2 cities: Venice residents torn between mass tourism and a more harmonious existence
COVID-19 made it clear 'La Serenissima' needs to diversify its battered economy
Francesco Penzo stands straddling a sandolo, a low boat Venetians once used for shooting ducks. He manoeuvres a long paddle deep into the water, steering the vessel around the corner of a canal in the former working-class neighbourhood of Cannaregio, the only sound the creaking of wood and birdsong echoing above.
Megan Williams · CBC News · Posted: Jul 05, 2020 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: 3 hours ago
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RADIO 4 EXTRA Peter Terson - Tales My Father Taught Me (podcast)
Sir George Sitwell is an autocratic recluse running the family estate at Renishaw – ahead of the First World War. His other preoccupations are research into medieval pig-keeping - and making sure his son, Osbert isn't allowed to do what he wants to do... Sir John Gielgud stars in Peter Terson’s drama. Sir George Sitwell ...... Sir John Gielgud Lady Ida Sitwell ...... Renee Asherson Osbert Sitwell ...... Richard Pearce Henry Moat ...... Christopher Good Producer: Shaun MacLoughlin First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in May 1990.

Mother Africa - History of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 1]
In this first episode, Zeinab Badawi travels across the continent examining the origins of humankind; how and why we evolved in Africa - Africa is the greatest exporter of all time: every human being originated in Africa. During her journey Zeinab is granted rare access to the actual bones of one of the most iconic discoveries in the field of paleontology, ‘Lucy' in Ethiopia, or as she is known in Amharic, ‘Dinkenesh’, which means ‘you are marvellous’. Zeinab also spends time in Tanzania with a tribe that is unique in the world because they live in the way our ancestors did, as hunters of big animals and gatherers. This community who have rarely been filmed provides a fascinating insight into how we have lived for most of our history.
Apr 9, 2020

The last night watchmen of Europe
Photo credit: cricrimo Pixabay /Lausanne Cathedral 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the remaining Night Watchmen across Europe are still maintaining the age-old traditions of the past.
By Mike MacEacheran
3 July 2020

Great Gardens of the World
Discover some of the great gardens of the world as Karine takes you on a journey through France, China and Italy for a closer look at extraordinary landscapes. Visit Claude Monet’s beloved gardens at Giverny, which are famously depicted in his pa

Viking TV 

Coronavirus: Spanish tourism re-opens - BBC Travel Show
  • Jul 3, 2020
As Spain re-opens to tourists, the Travel Show joins a pilot project that’s testing new social distancing measures across the island of Mallorca. The team visits a clean-up effort attempting to rid the French coast of litter dumped during the Covid-19 outbreak and finds out what the future holds for theatres in London, New York and Las Vegas following many months of closure.

How food sharing has changed due to the pandemic
Photo credit: Rumman Amin - Unsplash

Restaurants that offer buffets and shared plates are having to reimagine their business in the wake of COVID-19.

Indonesia’s Tricked Out Vespas
Lots of people ride the Italian scooters known as Vespas in Indonesia. But Rebel Riders modify their Vespas to the extreme. They use scrap metal, tree branches, anything they can get their hands on to create one-of-a-kind vehicles. Rebel Riders love expressing their individuality through their unique rides. They also enjoy being part of a community full of people who support one another and share a passion for exploring their beautiful country.

Jun 25, 2020
Great Big Story

BBC Good Food Podcast – Essential Recipes, Episode 1 (podcast)
By Miriam Nice - Projects editor
Tune into our new podcast series, tackling the challenges of cooking in lockdown. Our food team shares their tips for cooking without flour or eggs.
In the first episode of this new cooking in lockdown series, host Miriam is joined over the phone by food editor Lulu, helping you find inventive substitutes for missing ingredients. They talk soups, stocks, flourless cooking and egg-free baking.

The hidden world beneath the ancient Alhambra fortress - BBC REEL
The ancient fortress of the Alhambra has a fascinating history, passing from Moorish sultans to Catholic kings. Today it is one of Spain's most visited tourist attractions and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, very few know of the secret world of the Alhambra that lies unseen below the surface - a hidden network of tunnels and dungeons, off-limits to tourists, that are still being uncovered and understood by archaeologists today. Video by Izabela Cardoso and Fernando Teixeira

Feb 20, 2020

Hotel Health Status
Photo credit: MIH83 - Pixabay

COVID Property Status and Safety Protocols
We are dedicated to your client’s health and safety during their travels with Classic Vacations and our partners. You can count on us to provide up to date information on hotel closures and cleaning practices as the world begins to travel again.
Keep this site handy! https://www.classicvacations.com/hotel-status

15 Weird and Wacky Ways People Are Solving Social Distancing Dilemmas
These social distancing measures are certainly inventive (and sometimes hilarious).
Laura Itzkowitz | June 8, 2020

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