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Norwegian Coastal Voyage – In the works...JWH Spring 2021 

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Set out for Norway, in one of the world’s most incredible regions, Scandinavia. In this land of intense natural beauty and famous for its deep fjords, Viking legends, and well-preserved historical sites, you’ll see majestic mountains, fishing villages, and historic towns. Experience a true milestone as your ship sails across the Arctic Circle to the very top of Europe.

Some tour features and highlights:

Norway’s capital and largest city is a cosmopolitan hub with an abundance of world-class architecture, museums, and restaurants. As one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities this decade, Oslo is buzzing with energy from new neighbourhoods and cutting-edge food, fashion and art scenes. Captivating landmarks are changing the face of the city, but Oslo still maintains its refreshing closeness to nature. 

Photo credit: Oslo - Christoffer Engström Unsplash
Oslo - Myrdal - Flåm Railway - Gudvangen - Voss - Bergen
Today you embark on the legendary “Norway in a Nutshell” tour! All aboard the Bergen Railway to experience Europe’s most scenic rail journey. Have your camera ready as this legendary tour takes you through Norway’s most breathtaking fjord and mountainous terrain on its way to Bergen. Switch trains in Myrdal and travel 12 miles on the famous Flåm Railway, a masterpiece of engineering, taking you 2,800 breathtaking feet in 55 minutes to the village of Flåm on Sognefjord, Norway's longest (120 miles) and deepest (more than a mile). Next, cruise Nærøyfjord (UNESCO), the narrowest fjord in Europe with stunning views of waterfalls and small farms clinging to the steep mountainsides. In Gudvangen, your journey continues by bus with the breathtaking Stalheimskleiven hairpin road (available May through September only), a thrilling ride around 13 hairpin bends. In Voss, board the train for Bergen, one of Norway’s oldest and most iconic cities.

Photo credit: Flam Rail – ioa8320 - Pixbay

Bergen - Norwegian Coastal Voyage - Board Ship
Join your fellow travelers on a leisurely paced walking tour of Bergen. Explore the picturesque, old Bryggen Wharf (UNESCO) with its tiny wooden houses and narrow streets. Mingle with the locals at the fish market located in the 'heart' of the city. Then prepare for your memorable 6-night cruise – the “World’s Most Beautiful Voyage” – sailing along the stunning Norwegian coastline. This evening, board your Hurtigruten ship. Sit back and take in the treasure trove of landscapes, scenery, sights and sounds that surround you.

This morning’s view from the ship will be either the tranquil Stadthavet Sea or the majestic Geirangerfjord as we make our way to the charming village of Alesund.

Photo credit: Alesund, Norway /Unsplash – Nicolai Bernsten

Today, enjoy some time in the historic city of Trondheim. Founded by Viking King Olav in A.D. 997, it was the location of the first capital of Norway and is still the city where new kings receive their ceremonial blessings. Later, continue toward the Land of the Midnight Sun, passing rugged coastlines en route to Rorvik which sits among 6,000 islands.

Photo credit: Unsplash Angela Compagnone

Today you become one of a select few as your cruise ship crosses the Arctic Circle on your way to Bodo. Gaze at the distant rugged peaks and to the infinite sky…keep an eye out for white-tailed sea eagles found in this region. Continue sailing, crossing the stunning Vestfjord and past the breathtaking Lofoten Islands before pausing briefly at the villages of Stamsund and Svolvaer. Later, sail on past the majestic Trollfjord.

Take in the serenity as we sail past a chain of islands on our way to the small town of Harstad. Stop here for a moment before continuing on to Tromso, capital of the Arctic. Find yourself immersed in beautiful fjords and mountains. Located 220 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tromso is home to the world's northernmost university, botanical garden and cathedral.

Photo credit: Tromso Arctic – Pixabay Mathislagadec
Have some time in the peaceful town of Honningsvag, the capital of North Cape, situated closer to the North Pole than it is to Oslo.

Photo credit: Joffi2017 - Pixabay

Early this morning we arrive in Kirkenes, home to the Sami people who have herded reindeer for centuries. Disembark your ship and fly* back to Oslo.

Courtesy of Collette Tours, Norway Tourism Board

Described as 'the world's most beautiful voyage', sailing along the Norwegian coast offers epic landscapes and thrilling adventures. We go where no other ships go to give you first-hand encounters with dramatic fjords, wildlife, and the northern lights or midnight sun. No matter the season, all sailings with Hurtigruten are unique and bound to awaken the explorer in you. (sample itinerary)


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Lead Photo credit: ThuyHaBich – Pixabay


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