Be Intrepid: Why we need travel
For some, being Intrepid means going trekking when you’ve never been the outdoorsy type. For others, it’s trying a new food for the first time, or extending a helping hand to support communities in need. Whatever form it takes, and whenever it does, Intrepid is an attitude – a willingness to take yourself away from the comforts of home, embrace difference and open yourself up to new people and experiences. At Intrepid, that’s what we live for. Our travellers choose to see the world in a way that builds human connection, supports local communities, respects the environment and draws us all a bit closer together. They choose to be curious, kind, open, and alive. To be Intrepid. And after the events of the past year, now, more than ever, the world needs more Intrepid people. January 13, 2021

the Italian hilltop village that’s fighting for its future
Feb 2, 2021 BBC Travel

Take a World Tour of Books Recommendations
Discover slick city breaks paired with perfect literary accompaniment 

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films
= a trip of a lifetime.
move, eat, learn
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8 Ways a Canal Barge Cruise is Different to a Regular River Cruise
What are the main differences between a European canal hotel barge cruise and a river cruise? I think there are 8 key things you need to know that makes a canal cruise different to a river cruise. By understanding how they differ you can better decide is a river cruise or canal hotel barge cruise is best for your next European river cruising vacation Note: I travelled as a guest of CroisiEurope on a 6-night hotel barge cruise in France before making this video Croisieurope had no input into the opinions or content of this video. Nov 2019

Cruising the Canal du Midi Aboard Hotel Barge Anjodi
Anjodi is very much a hotel barge of the classic Dutch design and also the founding member of our fleet, embarking on her first cruises along the historic Canal du Midi 35 years ago. Her beautiful interior makes the most of traditional materials such as African hardwoods and shining brass to create a warm onboard feel, reminiscent of a classic yacht. The charming saloon is particularly welcoming, with its combination of richly coloured wooden flooring, elegant French dining furniture and comfortable banquette seating, as well as a fully stocked bar. The four compact, cleverly-designed cabins, featuring hardwood panelling and brass Portholes, offer a choice of twin or double bedded accommodation, each with en suite facilities. The spacious sundeck is shaded by an adjustable canopy and there are comfortable sun loungers and a spa pool to soak in with a glass of chilled white wine. Anjodi is a very well-known hotel barge having achieved “film star” status some years ago following her many appearances in the television series Rick Stein’s French Odyssey, when she carried the eponymous chef on a voyage of culinary discovery through Southern France. Why not follow in his footsteps with a cruise along the Canal du Midi, a 330-year-old canal with UNESCO World Heritage status. The Canal du Midi The 330-Year-Old Canal du Midi skirts the sun-drenched shore of the Mediterranean before meandering inland through the fabled 'Cathar Country', with its fortified hilltop villages and walled cities, such as Carcassonne. This historic canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is defined by its beauty, lined with plane trees, Canalside villages and crossed by pretty, arched bridges. The warm Mediterranean weather and gentle pace of life lulls you into unwinding as your hotel barge slowly cruises along this serene waterway. This is the perfect place for cycling or walking along the ever-present towpath, or simply watching the scenery drift by as you relax on deck with a cool drink. In the distance you can see the Pyrenees, while closer to hand are the vineyards of the Languedoc that seem to stretch endlessly all around. You will discover a marvellous blend of ancient Gallo-Roman and traditional influences reflected throughout this region of historical importance and visit such places as Pezenas, Minerve and Narbonne. The cuisine is a delicious combination of Provençale and Mediterranean flavours. Fresh seafood and regional specialities, paired with the excellent local Corbières and Minervois wines, produce an unforgettable repertoire of dining experiences. More on the Canal du Midi From Roman times, a link between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic had long been on the minds of those wishing to avoid a trip around the Strait of Gibraltar. Charlemagne considered it in the 8th century. François I and Leonardo da Vinci talked about it in 1516. But it took a wealthy salt tax collector in the 17th century to bring it to pass. Pierre Paul Riquet (1604-1680) of Béziers supplied the vision, the drive, and even part of the financing for the Canal du Midi. In 1666 an edict by Louis XIV proclaimed that construction could begin. Seven million cubic meters of earth were excavated for the project, which employed 12,000 men over a period of 12 years. The Canal du Midi was built to enable the more efficient transport of goods and add to the mobility of the French navy. It was also intended from the beginning to bring glory to Le Roi Soleil, Louis XIV, the Sun King. Covering 150 miles, it includes 328 structures such as locks, tunnels, bridges, and aqueducts. The canal's 63 locks include double, triple, quadruple and sextuple staircase locks. The canal has changed little in its 300 years. Now lock gates are steel rather than timber. An aqueduct was built to create a waterway over the River Orb. And a 'water slope' was built at Béziers to allow boats to avoid the six-rise staircase. In 1996 the canal was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The high quality of construction that went into the locks, aqueducts, and buildings is responsible for making the Canal du Midi the oldest canal in Europe still functioning. The canal remains not only functional but of high quality, making it the most popular canal in France. Courtesy European Waterways

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Castles & Fairy Tales

By Tauck
Feb 17, 2021
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Travel After Coronavirus: Beautiful Lesser-Known European Coasts to Visit First
Many of us are suffering a serious lack of vitamin D under lockdown – and getting out in the sun couldn’t come too soon. In anticipation of restrictions easing up, when finding a quiet beach in Europe could be tough, let Culture Trip guide you to the coastal destinations that have yet to attract the crowds.
Josephine Platt
Global Travel Writer7 May 2020

The Precious Heritage Museum and Art Gallery is home to the permanent exhibition of Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Collection. While transporting you to the furthest reaches of Vietnam, the collection will unveil the rich cultural tapestry of the ethnic tribes.
Discover striking portraits, stories, and heirlooms that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Both a celebration and a call for conservation, this free museum, the only one of its kind, is a labor of love and respect. It stands as a testament to the connection, appreciation and importance Réhahn feels for these remarkable tribes.
Five rooms spanning over 500 sqm in a 19th-century French house, present hundreds of portraits, over 60 costumes, tribal songs and a sense of wonderment. As you visit each room, you can follow Réhahn on his nearly decade-long journey to document the 54 ethnic tribes and their subgroups left in the country.
In the museum, Réhahn can be found sharing his adventures with visitors, signing books and promoting the beauty and enchanting diversity of Vietnam. He hopes to bring attention to the changing path of ethnic tradition by sharing the essence of the people who have revolutionized his career.

Explore London with Blue Badge Guides
Hosted by Blue Badge Tourist Guides
Join us in London, where we explore the most historic landmarks in England’s illustrious capital with Blue Badge Tourist Guides. Follow six knowledgeable guides as they take us through London’s iconic sites, including the Inns of Court, Chelsea, Canary Wharf, South Bank and more. As we journey through the city, get an in-depth look at its culture, food and traditions from those who know it best, the locals.
Viking TV

Antiques Roadshow S43E05 - Antiques Roadshow Season 43 Episode 5
Feb 15, 2021

Building Bolivian Identity With Psychedelic Architecture
Freddy Mamani Silvestre invented a bold and distinctive new style of Bolivian architecture. Borrowing from indigenous Aymara culture, his buildings combine bright colors and striking spaceship-like geometry. With his vibrant designs, Mamani is changing the landscape of his home country and empowering his people. Great Big Story – October 2017

The Highest City in the World Celebrates Its Indigenous Culture with Freddy Mamani’s Neo-Andean Architecture
The city of El Alto isn’t just distinguished by its impressive altitude of over 13,000 feet above sea level or its self-governing status. This Bolivian municipality also sets itself apart with the distinctive architecture of Freddy Mamani Silvestre. The architect, who goes by Freddy Mamani professionally, got his start as a bricklayer and studied civil engineering in college. He completed his first building in this style in 2005 and has since created dozens more designs that incorporate circular windows, sharply angled rooflines and vibrant pink, green, and orange facades

MARCH 6, 2019

At home in St. Petersburg with Julia Petrova
Hosted by Julia Petrova
Tour St. Petersburg with Julia Petrova, Product Development Manager of Viking, as she guides us through this majestic Russian city in winter. Watch as Julia visits an ice-skating rink on New Holland Island, visits the historic Kolomna District, and shows us Nevsky Prospekt by night. Tune in to this enriching episode and get a local perspective of Russia’s second largest city.
Viking TV

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Solve artistic puzzles with family and friends

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JWH celebrates Chef John Bishop and Bishops Restaurant! Exclusive Invitation

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