JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...October 12, 2018

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...October 12, 2018

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Join Chef John Bishop in Sicily (& Puglia) – May 2019
Early booking savings expires – 31 October 2018**
'The loveliest region of Italy: a stunning orgy of colors, scents, and lights…a great delight” (Sigmund Freud)

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Palermo was lovely. The most beautifully situated town in the world – it dreams away its life in the Conca d’Oro, the exquisite valley that lies between two seas. The lemon groves and the orange gardens were entirely perfect.” (Oscar Wilde)

Feature Destination – Croatia /Montenegro – JWH Tour Destination 2019

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Life shouldn’t just be filled with days; days should be filled with life! And there is nowhere better to put this philosophy into practice than in Croatia!

Luxuriate on idyllic beaches with turquoise waters, relax in secluded coves edged with pine trees or explore finger-like sand spits, in a perfect opportunity to fully recharge your batteries. Whether urban, hidden, wild, unspoiled or pebbly, Croatia has over 6,000 km of coastline sure to feature the beach of your dreams and beyond!
In Croatia, there’s no such thing as a regular hike. Think adventures in the forest, romantic moments under waterfalls and pushing yourself to the limit with your friends by stunning lake basins and on exhilarating mountain peaks. But perhaps the best part of all is that there’s no need to travel long distances to enjoy this wealth of fantastic scenery.
Losing yourself in a tangle of charming medieval streets, falling deep into thought over an early Christian mosaic or stepping into an impressive Byzantine cathedral will remind you of how the spirits of Central Europe and the Mediterranean converge in Croatia. UNESCO has even recognised Croatia’s unique cultural heritage by adding it to the World Heritage List.
This singular rendezvous of civilisations and influences is also reflected on the dining table, where meat, fish, vegetables and wine prevail. The result is an original national cuisine that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Articles and more…..

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen: Grilled Eggplant

Join Auntie Ann, chef of Tao Kantina, as she teaches us how to cook healthy and amazingly good Filipino dishes! Using simple ingredients and just freestyling over a fire of coconut husks, she’s fun and exciting to watch, and will have you hitting up the fresh ginger and coconut on your next meal.

The Art of Resurrecting Lost Deserts

Valerie Gordon is the owner and operator of Valerie Confections, a Los Angeles bakery that specializes in resurrecting dessert recipes lost to time. Her interest first piqued after she recreated a popular coffee crunch cake from California’s iconic Blum’s Bakery. Since then, she’s taken her detective skills to the max, searching the menu vault at the Los Angeles library and reaching out to residents to find and bring back cakes of dessert past. So far, she’s successfully recreated a whole array of forgotten desserts, including the banana shortcake from Chasen’s and the grapefruit cake from Brown Derby.

Preserving the Soul of Bauhaus Design

Only a few companies in the world faithfully replicate original Bauhaus pieces—the design school whose birth heralded the era of modern furniture. One such factory is Tecta, a family business proudly run by Axel Bruchhäuser and his nephew, Christian Drescher. Located in a tiny town in Lauenförde, Germany, Tecta produces the most Bauhaus pieces of any manufacturer today. Settle into a sleekly minimalist seat and meet the family preserving the soul of Bauhaus.
This Great Big Story was made in partnership with The German National Tourist Board.

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