JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...August 23, 2019

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...August 23, 2019

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” Anthony Bourdain


Aavo Padharo, words of welcome in the language of Gujarat because it is here that these words ring truly and the guest is 'God' and the people of Gujarat are gregariously friendly, inviting and will entice you to come again and again.

Stretches out into the Arabian Sea, with a hint of the desert and with a coastline of 1666 km long is Gujarat – the home state of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation. It is renowned for its beaches, temple towns and historic capitals. Wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts and natural grandeur are gifts of Gujarat. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, festivals also make the state rich. Gujarat is also among the most technologically advanced, housing the largest petrochemical complex in the country.

Gujarat has always been a major centre for the Jains and some of its most interesting locations are the Jain Temple centres at Palitana and Girnar Hills. Besides the Jain temples, the state’s major attractions include the only habitat of the Asiatic Lions in India (Gir Forests), a desert ride at the Wild Ass Sanctuary and the beautiful Indo-Saracenic Architecture of Ahmedabad. The colourful tribal villages of Kutch make a visit unforgettable.

A state with an amazingly varied topography ranging from the deep green of the dense forests to stark white at the salt plains. Its 1660 kilometers coastline is home to some of the most unique marine species and geographical locations at the state makes it an ideal matrix, a melting pot of a vast variety of culture, people, places and history due to eons of migratory influences. Along with all the migrations came in various ritual practices, cuisines, style of dresses, fairs and festivals, celebrations all of which were amalgamated and became a part of what this amazingly diverse state has to offer to you. This was possible as a result of trade, commerce and the dexterity of the people of Gujarat to accept and take in and make a part of all who come in here for succour, conquest or trade.


Top 10 Places to visit in Gujarat | Gujarat Tourism
Ajay Singh Bisht
Published on Jun 7, 2017

Top 10 Places to Visit in Gujarat | Gujarat Tourism Hello Friends, In this video we bring the best tourist places in Gujarat. If you think we have missed any of your favorite tourist place from Gujarat, then please let us know in the comments. 1. Great Rann of Kutch 2. Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara 3. Sabarmati Front Ahmedabad 4. AksharDham Temple GandhiNagar 5. Somnath Mahadev Temple Prabhas Patan 6. Sardar Sarovar Dam Navagram 7. Gir National Park Junagadh 8. Diu 9. Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad 10. Jama Masjid Ahmedabad

Documentary On Kutch with BBC associated with Brer Tours and Travels...
Brer Travels
Published on Jul 12, 2017

Little Rann Of Kutch (Glimpses Of Cinematic Gujarat)
Glimpses Of Cinematic Gujarat
Published on Aug 18, 2016

Desert life in Gujarat - le mag
The vast emptiness of the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, India, stretches out to the horizon in every direction. Rann is Gujarati for desert, and for wildlife photographer Devjibhai this is home. Around here he is known as The Desert Man. Wildlife photographer and safari guide, Devjibhai said: 'Each time you come to this place it gives you a new perspective on life. Here you are one with nature. Alone. So your mind is refreshed.'

Textiles & Embroidery of Gujarat on a Colouricious Holiday

Published on Jun 3, 2016
Colouricious Textile Holiday - read the itinerary and book your dream holiday to India here http://colouricious.com/textile-art-h... See how beautiful the tribal ladies are from Gujarat with their stunning jewellery. come on a Colouricious Textile Holiday to see these ladies, see the lives they lead along with the magnificent jewellery that they wear.

Gujarati thali – it's an experience
Gujarat Tourism
Published on Nov 23, 2018
“Surat ka Jaman aur Banaras ka Maran” a popular saying in Gujarati which means dining at Surat and dying at Varanasi, is the way to heaven. One of the thrills of traveling to Gujarat is it's multi-cuisine. Perhaps the best way to know a state is to cut to the heart of the extraordinary culture of Gujarat is by exploring its cuisine. 


Remembering Toni Morrison's 'beautiful human urgency'
PBS NewsHour
Published on Aug 6, 2019
Author and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison died Monday at age 88. The acclaimed writer, editor and professor helped transform American literature, bringing forth a black perspective that had rarely been heard. Jeffrey Brown reports and talks to Princeton University’s Tracy K. Smith, a former U.S. poet laureate, about how she was influenced by Morrison's work, generosity and “amazing vigor.”

Why Michael McIntyre HATES flying 😡 ✈️ - BBC
BBC Michael McIntyre reveals some of his pet peeves and horrors when flying with a hilarious look at travelling by plane. You wouldn't want to have him sitting in front of you...
Published on Nov 24, 2018

Georgia O’Keeffe: She Lived Deliciously Alone in the Wild, Wild West
Photo Credit: Pixabay
AUGUST 7, 2019

The island uncovering a hidden past - BBC REEL
BBC Reel
Published on Jan 11, 2019
Orkney has a rich archaeological heritage, but it's eroding into the sea. 

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