JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...October 11, 2019

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...October 11, 2019

“Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate”. – J. R. R. Tolkien






Forested rolling hills and thousands of lakes. One thousand years of rich traditions and abundant cultural and culinary heritage. The legacy of bygone centuries includes monuments of architecture, historical mementos and masterpieces of art. These attributes perfectly combine to create a wealth of enlightenment and entertainment that can only be found in Poland. Museums, modern art galleries and concert halls on par with spectacular national parks, natural protected areas and sport facilities satisfy even the most demanding guests. Truly impressive game dishes and the specialties of regional cuisine should not to be missed. Explore diverse entertainment and shopping, as well as cultural events. Discover how visitors can feel truly welcome, and why they return to experience the remarkable attractions and hospitality of Poland. https://visiteurope.com/en/destination/poland/

Photo credits: Unsplash, Pixabay 

Poland's most beautiful places
Pavlo Fedykovych, CNN • Updated 8th November 2018
(CNN) — Stretching from the amber beaches of the Baltic Sea to the breathtaking peaks of the High Tatra mountains, Poland is as expansive as it is beautiful.
The central European nation has an impressive selection of fantastic places any traveler would be happy to discover.
With a rich history, welcoming national attitudes, mind-blowingly delicious local cuisine, Poland is a destination ready for exploration.

Odkryj Polskę / Explore Poland

Jun 1, 2018
Fundacja Edukacji Polonijnej

Mazury 2019 z lotu ptaka. Masurian Lakes in Poland by drone. Mrągowo, Mikołajki, Giżycko

Jul 29, 2019
DK Video
DKVideo.pl Mazury 2019 z lotu ptaka. Masurian Lakes in Poland by drone.

Polish Food & What to Eat in Poland

Dec 13, 2018
Wolters World
Heading to Krakow or Warsaw and not sure what to eat when you are in Poland? Well here are some of our favorite Polish foods that we recommend travelers to eat when they go to Poland. Polish eats that everyone can love, from Zurek soup to Pierogi Dumplings, to the amazing donuts, and desserts. Filmed in Warsaw, Poland 

How to Make Pierogi - The Polish Chef

The Polish Chef
Dariusz, The Polish Chef, shows you how to make delicious potato and cheese pierogi from scratch! Enjoy! Dariusz's stolnica (dough board) can be purchased here: https://susanscookingschool.com/store/ Recipe: https://susanscookingschool.com/piero... Filmed by the talented Clint Byrne: http://www.clintbyrne.com


The secret at the bottom of the oldest lake in Europe
In the heart of Northern Macedonia, in the small city of Ohrid, two families have been guarding the town's secret for generations. Home to Europe's oldest lake and the renowned Ohrid pearl, worn by both Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Diana, the town's pearl-making tradition remains a well-known and well-kept secret, and one which they swear they'll take to their grave.
Video by Martina Žoldoš

The greatest wall you've never heard of: Mesmerising mosaics hidden in Pakistan's Lahore Fort
28 March 2018 BBC
In Civilisations: The Triumph of Art Simon Schama marvels at a wall of Lahore Fort in Pakistan. From a distance, this 16th Century structure might look dilapidated but close inspection reveals a huge and breathtakingly beautiful mural.

The Travels That Inspire Our Cooking: Women Who Travel Podcast
March 5, 2019
Food has never been more tethered to travel. Instagram, Anthony Bourdain, and others have made the two things bound to each other. And so, we pulled in two of our favorite foodies—Bon Appétit's food director Carla Music (of 'Back to Back Chef' YouTube fame) and contributor Priya Krishna—to chat about why food always tastes better on vacation, what it takes to recreate our favorite dishes, and cover the trips that introduced us to new foods, from something as simple as fresh pita and hummus in Egypt to pillowy idlis in India.

Why This Greek Farm is a Taste of Paradise | Eat. Stay. Love.
Presented by Bon Appétit with Edward Jones In this episode of Eat. Stay. Love., our host Jamie McDonald visits Agreco Farms in Crete, Greece to talk with Demetrios Kalaitzidakis, Grecotel Operations Director, about what makes the blessed Greek island a 'taste of paradise on Earth' for its abundance of organic foods and wine.
Presented By Bon Appétit With Edward Jones - Released on 10/30/2018
Serving Up Indian Food, From Mumbai to NYC

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