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The Greek island with an ancient 'sushi' tradition
On verdant Skopelos, locals have been curing and rolling fish for generations in a 'sushi-style' preparation that dates back to medieval times.
By Stav Dimitropoulos5th
July 2021

Harvesting Barnacles in Portugal | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted
Gordon Ramsay is in Portugal learning about their culture and cuisine. He meets a sea barnacle harvester and learns how to harvest percebes
National Geographic –
June 26, 2021

20 Funny And Relatable Charts About Everyday Life By Artist Irina Blok | DeMilked

Photo credit: Mattia Bericchia - Unsplash

Utah's Otherworldly Landscapes
Despite its dry desert landscapes, Utah is a land of surprises, and Glen Canyon is one of them, rivaling Arizona's Grand Canyon for sheer majesty. (2:20)

This Frank Gehry Building Was Called Unbuildable
The Frank Gehry design for the Louis Vuitton Foundation building was certainly innovative. But from a structural engineering perspective, there was nothing to suggest it was actually possible (1:44)

Great Museums: Elevated Thinking: The High Line in New York City
Narrated by actress Susan Sarandon, this hour-long documentary film showcases the High Line, a most unusual and unlikely public park. Since opening in 2009, it has become a top global tourist destination, with nearly 5 million visitors annually. Since 1998, Great Museums' call to action has been find the museum in your own backyard. The High Line is a perfect example. 'The long, narrow High Line is like a gallery in a museum where the city itself is on display,' explains co-executive productive Marc Doyle. 'You see the Statue of Liberty looking one way and the Empire State building looking the other.' The mile-and-a half-long High Line offers visitors a carefully curated world of woodlands, thickets, prairies and meadows - floating 30 feet in the air - through 22 blocks of Manhattan's West Side. It is like a living museum of plants - a tour de force of public landscaping - carefully curated atop an abandoned elevated railroad that was saved from the wrecking ball. 'We filmed the High Line over the course of two years to capture the full glory of all four seasons,' says Chesney Doyle, co-executive producer of Great Museums. 'Elevated Thinking' is the story of a grassroots effort, led by Friends of the High Line co-founders Robert Hammond and Joshua David, to buck city hall and save a massive, derelict, mile-and-half-long, freight railway from demolition. Against all odds, they built a coalition of neighbors, real estate developers, philanthropists, and city officials, including the support of the Bloomberg administration. CSX Transportation, which had purchased the High Line 1998, supported the idea of repurposing the High Line and eventually donated the structure to the city. 'Many residents thought it was a big, ugly piece of junk in the sky,' says Great Museums' Chesney Doyle. 'Now it's a model for communities everywhere.'
Great Museums –
June 2014

Discover works of art created by Britain’s Royal Family
Hosted by Margy Kinmonth
Get another look at the fascinating work of film director and producer Margy Kinmonth, including her celebrated film Royal Paintbox that highlights rarely seen art created by members of the British Royal Family. During this popular episode of Arts & Music Wednesdays, Margy speaks about the production of the film—shot amid the spectacular landscapes surrounding Windsor Castle, Frogmore, Osborne House and more—while exploring the intriguing artwork of British nobility during a question and answer session.  
Viking TV 
July 7, 2021

A Guided Tour of Robin Frohardt's The Plastic Bag Store
Times Square Arts was proud to present The Plastic Bag Store by Robin Frohardt from October 22, 2020 – November 7, 2020. The Plastic Bag Store is a public art installation and immersive film by artist and director Robin Frohardt employing humor, craft, and a critical lens to our culture of consumption and convenience — specifically, the enduring effects of our single-use plastics. Free and open to the public, The Plastic Bag Store occupied 20 Times Square, where shelves were stocked with thousands of original, hand-sculpted items — produce and meat, dry goods and toiletries, cakes and sushi rolls — all made from discarded, single-use plastics in an endless flux of packaging. The store transformed into an immersive, dynamic stage for a film in which inventive puppetry, shadow play, and intricate handmade sets tell the darkly comedic, sometimes tender story of how the overabundance of plastic waste we leave behind might be misinterpreted by future generations.  
Time Square New York  
Jan 21, 2021

Cruising RIGHT NOW: What is it actually like?
What is cruising actually like right now? From masks to new protocols, an honest review.
Cruise With Ben and David  
May 27, 2021

I Put Post-Covid Cruising To The ULTIMATE Test!
Can a Post-Covid Shutdown cruise be fun, or are you paying for a much reduced cruising experience and should you wait until things are fully back to normal? I have been on my first cruise (on Viking Venus) since the cruise shutdown and I test out against the 7things that make a cruise fun, enjoyable and relaxing if a post-covid cruise meets them. This is what I found out. 
Tips for Travellers
June 24, 2021

35 Canadian books to check out in summer 2021
The CBC Books summer reading list is here!
CBC Books · Posted: Jun 30, 2021 9:05 AM ET | Last Updated: July 7

q with Tom Power (PODCAST)
Jann Arden shares her wisdom about the beauty of aging and learning from failure
Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter, actor and author Jann Arden is back with her fifth book, If I Knew Then: Finding Wisdom in Failure and Power in Aging. She joined Tom Power to talk about the beauty of aging, learning from mistakes, and why she's found new power and freedom at the age of 58.
Aired: Oct. 27, 2020

q with Tom Power (PODCAST)
Patti LaBelle on a life pursuing her greatest loves — cooking and singing
With the release of the 20th anniversary edition of her bestselling cookbook LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About, legendary singer Patti LaBelle joined Tom Power to dish on her decades-long legacy of making comfort food and soul music.
Aired: July 8, 2021

Some of Canada's most diverse forests are actually underwater
B.C.’s kelp forests are renewed every spring, creating a home for hundreds of thousands of marine species. Every spring, our forests come alive again with new growth. But not all forests are home to buzzing bees or busy birds — some of Canada's most diverse forest ecosystems are actually underwater. On B.C.'s coast, kelp forests are a rich ecosystem of marine life, offering an important habitat for hundreds of thousands of invertebrates, fish, and rich feeding grounds for seals, sharks, sea otters and diving birds.  
June 18, 2021 –

These beautiful island meadows are some of Canada's most threatened ecosystems
Garry oak meadows are home to some of the highest concentrations of species at risk in Canada. Gnarly, sprawling oak trees that frame colourful meadows in bloom — this is the beautiful Garry oak ecosystem. Found at the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island, and on a few islands surrounded by the Salish Sea, this unique habitat holds on in fragmented pockets. These meadows are home to some of the highest concentrations of species at risk in Canada, with over 70 rare and threatened plants. 
May 10, 2021

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