Tourism in Chile Where the impossible is possible
From the extreme north with the driest desert in the world to the austral south with eternal ice and inverted waterfalls, Chile is an invitation hard to refuse. Learn about tourism in Chile and be amazed by the experiences in the southernmost portion of the world.

It's time to pause, but the landscapes you’ve been longing to visit will be here waiting for you. Get inspired, prepare and plan ahead. 
Chile Travel – April 1, 2020

Chile is back (English)
Chile Travel – October 7, 2021

10 MUST visit tourist destinations in Chile in 2021
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Travel Phenom – Oct 2021

15 MORE tourist spots to visit in Chile!
Hey guys, welcome to Travel Phenom! Today, we will be looking at 15 more tourist spots to visit in Chile! If you guys enjoy today's video, make sure to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the channel. Also, make sure to turn your post notification ON so you don't miss our future videos. Make sure to comment down below and future video suggestions you have for us. 
Travel Phenom – Nov 2021

CHILE | 8K60 | Los Lagos to Atacama
Explore the incredible diversity of Chile in Winter. From the northern end of Patagonia and Los Lagos region with its picture-perfect volcanoes, to the wild pacific coast, magical araucaria forests, towering peaks of the Andes all the way up to the Atacama Desert. Shot in June and July 2019 traveling over 5000km from south to north. Website: https://timestormfilms.com/  
Timestormfilms – August 2019

North and the Atacama Desert

Far from being inert, the Atacama Desert is an area full of energy thanks to its welcoming ancestral cultures and the oases that are a source of life in the driest desert in the world.
Ascend the more than 4,000 meters of altitude of the Andean altiplano to discover small villages that keep their customs intact in the middle of an extreme scenery worth photographing.
Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explore unique landscapes in the world. Salt flats, geysers and deep blue lagoons are part of the sites that will amaze you.
Embark on a journey through the stars. Learn more about the stars and constellations at one of the many astronomical observatories in northern Chile.

CHILE | 8K60 | Los Lagos to Atacama

Around San Pedro de Atacama, Chile in 4K Ultra HD
The area around San Pedro de Atacama in Northern Chile is one of the top destinations in Chile, it is renowned for its stunning landscapes and breathtaking views of salt flats, colorful lagoons with flamingos, peaks, volcanoes, deserts & geysers. 
Amazing Places on Our Planet April 10, 2020

Chile's Atacama Desert: Explore San Pedro de Atacama
October 11, 2021

Cities of Chile: Iquique - Open Nature
Iquique will steal your heart. A welcoming, entertaining and interesting city, with incredible beaches and a historic tradition that dates back thousands of years. Located in the north of Chile, where it is summer year-round, Iquique is a must-see on your trip to Chile.  
May 2018

Central Chile, Santiago and Valparaíso 

Discover Santiago, the multifaceted capital of Chile which conquers with its parks, sports and cultural activities. Surprise yourself with its first class gastronomy offer and live the hectic nightlife in its many neighborhoods.
Lose yourself in the hills of the port city of Valparaíso for a unique experience and then cool off on the beaches of Viña del Mar or Reñaca.
If you are a snow fan, come during the winter season and ski South America’s best slopes, located only 2 hours from the Pacific Ocean; enjoy a snow day and then taste delicious seafood!
And, of course, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the valleys that give life to some of the best red and white wine in the world!

Cities of Chile: Valparaíso - Find your Chile
Bohemian and colorful, Valparaiso’s maze of hills has long inspired poets and writers. You’ll discover something new at every turn: a gem of a building, a remarkable art gallery or some little gastronomic ‘find’.  
Chile Travel – November 2016

Cities of Chile: Santiago - Find your Chile
Dynamic and cosmopolitan Santiago is a vital and versatile city. Home to many events showcasing the very best of Chilean culture, it also hosts superb international festivals of sound, flavor and color. The Chilean capital breathes new life into all its visitors!  
Chile Travel – November 2016

Rapa Nui

There is no other inhabited area in the world that is as isolated in the ocean as Chilean Polynesia. That is how unique Rapa Nui is. And it is this very condition that gives it its authenticity and an aura of fascinating mystery. It is time for you to come and discover its secrets!
Explore Rapa Nui, its pink sand beaches, its volcanoes and grasslands, and its more than 1,000 moai silent witnesses of a complex society.
Discover the intriguing culture of the Rapa Nui people during the Tapati, a traditional festival held in February, where the skills of the several local teams are put to the test.

Where to Go in Chile: Rapa Nui - Find your Chile
There’s no inhabited spot in the world quite so isolated as Chilean Polynesia. A mere dot in the vast Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui is a one-of-a-kind destination whose very remoteness lends it unmistakable authenticity and an aura of mystery. It’s high time to come and uncover its secrets!
Chile Travel 2016

The south, its lakes and volcanoes

Heavy rainfalls that give way to a deep blue sky. The smell of forest and damp ground. Warm and welcoming people. Welcome to southern Chile! Discover its unique scenic beauty and the cultural heritage of its native peoples.
In this area the Mapuche culture is the protagonist; share their traditions by sleeping in a ruca or tasting the area’s typical dishes!
If you like the snow, ski in the middle of millenary forests and take the opportunity to relax your body in one of the hot spring centers in the middle of inspiring natural landscapes.
You can also enjoy water sports in lakes and rivers, a day of fishing or explore the wildlife in reserves and national parks.

Where to Go in Chile: Lakes & Volcanoes - Find your Chile
A sudden cloudburst and a heavy shower pass as quickly as they began, and the sky is soon an intense, deep blue once more. Breathe in the earthy, humid scents of the forest and meet some of the warmest, friendliest people on earth. Welcome to the south of Chile! Discover its singular beauty and the unique living heritage of its original peoples.

Patagonia Antartica

In the middle of the cinematographic landscapes you will discover pioneer towns and villages, where you can soak in the history of cattle ranching and the lifestyle of the Patagonian gaucho. Travel by car or bicycle along the Carretera Austral to marvel at the best of northern Patagonia.
If you are passionate about trekking, Torres del Paine is your destination: forests, hills, waterfalls, lakes, and privileged views of the Southern Ice Fields will be part of your experience.
For a unique and adventurous trip, embark on an Antarctic experience. Sail through the fjords and channels to reach Cape Horn, the southernmost point of the continent, or go further to Antarctica, a scientific and ecological treasure that you can’t miss.

Where to Go in Chile: Patagonia - Find your Chile
Vast, exotic, wild and infinite in its beauty. That’s how Patagonia was described by the explorers who arrived here almost 500 years ago. Little has changed to this day. Come and discover a truly unspoiled wilderness of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes.

Wine and Gastronomy

A combination of exquisite seafood and a great assortment of dishes from the land, all accompanied by a perfect wine pairing, will captivate your senses and accompany you throughout your experience in Chile.
Pair your culinary journey with white, red and sparkling wines, all of excellent quality. If you are a fan of this product, get lost in one of the dozens of vineyards and learn more about the different varieties that Chile proudly exports to the whole world.

What to do in Chile: Wine Tourism - Find your Chile
Fertile valleys nestled between the mountains and the ocean are the perfect terroir for some of the best wines in the world. Experience new flavors, aromas and colors with a tasting glass in hand, as you enjoy the sights and sounds of these famous vineyards – a deep-rooted element in Chile’s culture and identity.

What to do in Chile: Gastronomy Northern Chile - Open Nature
Northern Chile is famous for its hundred-year-old olive plantations which grow in its fertile valleys, snugly situated amidst the contrasting desert. Its ocean provides flavors in a variety of colors and textures, while the desert offers its own unique ingredients. A wonderful experience for all five senses.
Chile Travel May 2018

What to do in Chile: Gastronomy Central Chile - Open Nature
The culinary offer in Central Chile takes you on a tour of stimulating flavors from the ocean to the green valleys. Try some of the fresh products from this part of Chile, and treat your taste buds like never before!  
Chile Travel May 2018

What to do in Chile: Gastronomy South Chile - Open Nature
In Southern Chile, try traditional Mapuche dishes like cazuela, catuto and tortillas de rescoldo. The German tradition adds its own sweet touch to the lake scenery with its one-of-a-kind pastries. Don’t leave Chiloé without trying the curanto, a mix of seafood, meat and potatoes prepared directly in an underground oven.  
Chile Travel May 2018

What to do in Chile: Gastronomy Patagonia - Open Nature
The untamed nature of the Patagonia bears unique ingredients that carry this wild spirit to each dish. Roast lamb is one of the legendary dishes in this part of the country, and is perfect for those who love a good meal. We invite you to discover exotic and unique flavors in the southern tip of Chile. 
Chile Travel May 2018

Lead photo credit: Vinícius Henrique Photography - Unsplash
Laguna Lejía, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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