JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE…February 27 , 2019

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE…February 27 , 2019

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean: 

the Azores

All the nine islands of the Azores Archipelago are volcanic origin and are located in the North Atlantic, scattered along a 600 km stretch of ocean from Santa Maria to Corvo, approximately between 37° and 40° north latitude and 25° and 31° west longitude. According to 2011 data, 246,772 people live in this island territory that covers 2,325 sq.km, distancing 1,600 km from mainland Europe (Portugal) and 2,454 km from the North American continent (Canada).

The islands of the archipelago are divided in three geographical groups: the Eastern Group, comprising Santa Maria and São Miguel, the Central Group, including Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, and the Western Group, composed by Corvo and Flores. The Azores, along with the archipelagos of Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde, constitute the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, a name which means 'fortunate islands' for those who live there and visit them.

Photo credit: Sao Miguel – Yolanda - Pixabay

Photo credit: Comanche0 Pixabay

Photo credit: Comanche0 Pixabay

Photo credit: Turismo Açores- www.visitazores.com

Photo credit: Turismo Acores - aldeia_fonte - www.visitazores.com

Acores (Portugal) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Jan 17, 2016
Expoza Travel

Yes, it's only February but don't leave booking your holidays to the last minute. Join host Luis Sousa as he gives you some tips and ideals on booking your next holidays to the Azores. 

https://theazorespodcast.libsyn.com/the-azores-podcast-29 (podcast)

About the Podcast

Welcome to THE AZORES PODCAST. Join your host Luis Sousa as he brings you tips and information on the Azores. This podcast is not only for the first time visitor but also for those who love these nine magical islands.

Hi, and thank you for visiting The Azores Podcast. Where I hope to bring you a little treasure about the Azores every two weeks.
A little about myself; Son of Azorean emigraes I was born in Canada and first visited the Azores in 1977. It was love at first sight.
I have subsequently returned over thirty times to these magical Islands. I hope that you will return often to learn and listen about the places and people I love.

A few days in Azores, part 2 (TERCEIRA island)
From Portugal
Welcome to Terceira Island in the Azores, From Portugal. Please subscribe to our channel and visit our website for more photos and videos: https://www.fromportugal.org This trip and video were possible with the help of: -The Official Azores Tourism Board https://www.visitazores.com -Azores Airlines https://www.azoresairlines.pt -Aguiatur https://aguiaturazores.com/ -Hotel Zenite https://www.hotelzenite.com/ -Queijo Vaquinha https://www.queijovaquinha.pt/ Soundtrack: In Aeris by José Manuel González Núñez

Ben Fogle Adventure In The Azores - Unravel Travel TV


Azores As Never Seen Before
Jul 18, 2018
Courtesy of Visit Portugal
Beauty shots of the Azores tourism region captured in 4K UHD. 

Vacation in Ponta Delgada, Azores Islands

Lead Photo by Antonio Lainez on Unsplash Lamu, Kenya - A traditional boat in Lamu island, Kenya


In 2013 a reporter set out to retrace our ancestors’ global migration.
On foot.
Slow Down, Find Humanity
Paul Salopek’s 21,000-mile odyssey is a decade-long experiment in slow journalism. Moving at the beat of his footsteps, Paul is walking the pathways of the first humans who migrated out of Africa in the Stone Age and made the Earth ours. Along the way he is covering the major stories of our time—from climate change to technological innovation, from mass migration to cultural survival—by giving voice to the people who inhabit them every day. His words, as well as his photographs, video, and audio, create a global record of human life at the start of a new millennium as told by villagers, nomads, traders, farmers, soldiers, and artists who rarely make the news. In this way, if we choose to slow down and observe carefully, we also can rediscover our world.

In a fast-paced world, walking is a 'radical' act, says Norwegian explorer
https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/in-a-fast-paced-world-walking-is-a-radical-act-says-norwegian-explorer-1.5466532 (podcast)
Erling Kagge was the first person to reach the North and South Poles and Mt. Everest on foot
CBC Radio · Posted: Feb 17, 2020 4:41 PM ET | Last Updated: February 17

#CafeLota #NewDelhi #IndianCuisine
This Café Serves Indian Food You’ve Never Heard Of
Feb 19, 2020
Great Big Story
At Café Lota, Head Chef Udit Maheshwari is on a mission to introduce diners to regional Indian cuisine they may have never sampled before. The outdoor café at the National Crafts Museum in New Delhi specializes in lesser-known dishes, like chingri kamranga khatta (prawn curry with star fruit), a guava vegetable dish, and a curry with roasted papadum. With the café, Chef Maheshwari hopes to showcase the depth, variety and complexity of overlooked Indian dishes. This Great Big Story was made possible by Incredible India: www.incredibleindia.org

Can the world’s first hybrid cruise ship make Antarctic voyaging ‘greener’?
In November 2019, the MS Roald Amundsen became the first-ever hybrid cruise ship to venture into Antarctic waters. Photos: Andrea Klaussner
In an industry often criticized for its environmental footprint, is the arrival of the world’s first hybrid cruise ship a legitimate step in a more sustainable direction? Kristen Pope clambers aboard for the maiden voyage. 
Kristen Pope04/02/2020

Top 10 Most Luxurious Trains in the World
Jul 5, 2019
Indigo Planet
Take it slow on these luxurious train rides 🚅 through some of the world’s most glamorous destinations 🌋. Whether you’re exploring the Andes or dashing through an island 🏝, luxurious train travel consistently proves that fly-by country is much more interesting when seen on the ground. On these luxurious trains people are still expected to dress for dinner 👠 and attentive waiters serve five-course meals on bone china 🍹. 

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