JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...October 26, 2018

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE...October 26, 2018

Fernweh (n.)
Origin: German
An ache for distance places; the craving for travel; the opposite of homesickness. Also one of Instagram’s most popular hashtags.
Gadabout (n.)
Origin: English
A person who travels often, and for pleasure. Something we should all aspire to, right?
Courtesy: Intrepid Travel Sep 2018
Feature Destination:South Africa (JWH 2020)

Photo courtesy: Pexels

A journey through South Africa will take your breath away and leave you with memories that will last forever. With numerous cultures calling this land home, South Africa is certainly a vibrant melting pot worth exploring! Whatever gets your heart racing, South Africa’s got it! An incredible reminder of why the untouched wild has always been so inspiring. South Africa’s sun-soaked coast lies ready all-year round to share its secrets, adventures and lazy days with you.

Here in the South African wilderness, you begin your journey into the soul of Africa. It’s one that engages all your senses from the very first moment, sparked to life when you first hear the distant roar of a lion, the laugh of a hyena in the night, or the song of thousands of cicada beetles at midday.

Then experience the heightening of these senses when you first spot a rare leopard hidden in a tree, or feel the ground vibrate as a herd of giant elephants cross right in front of you.Among mountains that look like they’ve been painted on the horizon and wide open panoramas that run further than your eyes can see, an elastic thread of tarmac transports you through a country that shifts and changes right before your eyes. From some of the world’s most ancient landscapes like the awe-inspiring plains of the lonely Karoo to the Limpopo bushveld and the incredible Tsitsikamma Forest, secluded beaches or the valleys of some of the most beautiful winelands you will ever see, you can’t help but feel you are somewhere special.

Courtesy: South Africa Tourism

Enjoy this magnificent 4K African Natural Showreel by Robert Hofmeyr. Fabulous African scenery and majestic wildlife. The video was shot in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Miriam Makeba, also known as 'Mama Africa,' was a popular South-African singer who introduced Xhosa and Zulu songs to Western audiences. She is best known for the songs 'Pata Pata


Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure | The Afrasiab Museum of Samarkand | ITV

At the Afrasiab museum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, she shows us a seventh century Sogdian fresco, and tells the story of how these powerful traders were long the beating heart of the Silk Road.

Air Travel In Real Life

This one goes out to all those who have been on a real airplane. Tripp & Tyler

Grape expectations: Inside India’s blossoming wine region

After experimenting with mangoes and roses, Rajeev Samant from Sula Vineyards soon realized that the climate was better suited to growing grapes.
Photo: Joanna Lobo
A district on India’s western coast has become an oenophile destination in just two decades—but you’ve probably never heard of it. Joanna Lobo samples the bouquet.
Source: Adventure.com - Joanna Lobo September 5, 2018

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