JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE…December 30, 2021

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE…December 30, 2021

Air Canada: ‘Tis the season to believe

Steve McCurry's Tribute to Italy
You may have the universe if I may have Italy. – Giuseppe Verdi
SteveMcCurryStudios April 2020


Exploring Holland - Amsterdam to Kinderdijk
Hosted by Alastair Miller
Long-time Viking family member and renowned British photographer Alastair Miller begins his journey in Amsterdam, where he reveals the cultural treasures of the Netherlands’s historic capital. Join Alastair as he peruses unique shops (Posthumuswinkel) and a colorful flower market, pedals through the city and visits the owner of a houseboat museum. After stepping on board Viking Kara, one of our award-winning Viking Longships, he sails to Kinderdijk to meet with locals who care for the iconic windmills.

Special film: Restoring the rooms of Sir John Soane’s Museum 
See the richly appointed rooms returned to their former glory, at the of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, during a special screening of the documentary Opening up the Soane: Restoring the Private Apartments. Once the home of Sir John Soane, a celebrated architect from the Regency era, the museum showcases his extensive art collection and preserves the residence as it was at the time of Soane’s death in 1837. In the film, learn about the research, planning and painstaking care taken to restore the architect’s private apartments—which you may choose to explore with a Viking Privileged Access tour on our British Isles Explorer itinerary

Journeying to Switzerland - Black Forest to Basel and Lucerne
Hosted by Alastair Miller
Today’s explorations take Alastair to Germany’s legendary Black Forest, where he rides an electric bike through rolling fields and along woodland trails. From here, he sails to the Swiss city of Basel for a behind-the-scenes tour of our local office. Concluding his journey in Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most scenic cities, he meets with his friend Karine Hagen, Executive Vice President at Viking, and reflects on his incredible travels along the Rhine River.

Art in the Park in Wimbledon with guide Anna Targett and sculptor Tim Norris
Hosted by Anna Targett
Follow guide Anna Targett as she takes us through Wimbledon’s Cannizaro Park, pointing out its ancient trees, colorful flora and diverse fauna. Located in the London borough of Merton, Wimbledon is home to our United Kingdom offices, and we are proud to sponsor Cannizaro’s new arts festival “Art in the Park.” Complementing Anna’s tour, we meet with sculptor Tim Norris, who created the Viking Community Sculpture during the festival in September

At Home in Rome with guide Franco Assorgi
Hosted by Franco Assorgi
Journey along the ancient lanes of Rome with local guide Franco Assorgi and get a glimpse of the beauty and magnificence of the “Eternal City.” Marvel at some of the Western world’s most famous sights as Franco takes us through Italy’s capital, stopping along the way to offer intriguing insights and pointing out hidden gems that you can explore during your visit to Rome

Restoring Michelangelo's David
Hosted by Karine Hagen
Get closer to Michelangelo’s towering David, a masterpiece both revered and reviled by Florentine citizens over the centuries. Join Karine in Galleria dell'Accademia as she meets the woman behind the restoration of this remarkable sculpture.

At home in Northern Norway with Risten and the Sami people
Hosted by Risten J. Eira Oskal
Journey above the Arctic Circle to Northern Norway for a look at the culture and traditions of the Sami people with local guide Risten. Discover the history of the Sami, explore their native region and get an intimate look at one of their distinctive dwellings, known as a lavvu. During our explorations with Risten, you will also learn about the herding and raising of reindeer, how the Sami care for their animals and what life is like during the changing seasons in the far north.

Karine explores the Rhine, Main & Danube Rivers
Hosted by Karine Hagen
Join Karine Hagen, Executive Vice President at Viking, as she highlights the historic riches found along three of Europe’s most important rivers. Discover what life is like for modern aristocracy at two iconic German estates, Schloss Löwenstein and Schloss Mespelbrunn, and then take in stunning views of storybook castles along the UNCESCO-listed Middle Rhine. In Austria’s Wachau Valley, visit with the monks who call the hilltop Göttweig Abbey home before stopping in Koblenz to hear the moving story behind the city’s Jewish Cemetery.
Explore the Rhine with Viking

Karine Explores: The cuisine of Italy
Hosted by Karine Hagen
Go behind the scenes of Italy’s beloved cuisine with Karine Hagen, Executive Vice President at Viking. Explore the country’s celebrated coffee culture, discover how to prepare hand-made pasta and cook an authentic Italian risotto and visit the renowned Baci chocolate factory, home of the original chocolate kiss. Top off your explorations with a refreshing look at Limoncello, the famed lemon liquor that hails from the vibrant Amalfi Coast.

Karine Explores: Hidden places of the world
Hosted by Karine Hagen
Journey alongside Karine Hagen, Executive Vice President at Viking, as she explores hidden treasures in some of the world’s most charming cities. Step below the streets of Naples and discover a vast labyrinth where early Greek relics and impressive Roman architecture remain amazingly intact. In Florence, go behind closed doors into a Renaissance treasure, the Vasari Corridor; and during a visit to Istanbul, get a glimpse of a 6th-century relic, the hauntingly beautiful Basilica 

Antoni Gaudí - Barcelona's Master Of Sacred Architecture
Hosted by Karine Hagen
Step into the mind of Antoni Gaudí, a man whose passion for nature led him to create astounding biomimetic architecture and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Venice's Most Unusual Bookstore
Hosted by Karine Hagen
Welcome to Libreria Acqua Alta, one of Venice’s hidden treasures. Literally meaning “bookstore of the high water,” this extraordinary bookstore is a book lover’s paradise run by the charismatic Luiggi Frizzo, who says books “make your soul come alive.” Karine Hagen gives you a tour through this Venetian favorite.

Lead photo: Kanenori – Pixabay - This point is near the summit of Mt. Okuhodaka (3,190m), the third high mountain in Japan. Bringing tent, and other camping equipment up here was physically hard for me, but I could get big reward of this fantastic atmosphere.

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