JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE…December 29, 2020

JWH TRAVEL BITS AND MORE…December 29, 2020

Wishing you and your family all the very best for the Holiday Season and 2021. Thank you for your support. Take care, keep safe and well.

Andrea Bocelli and Alison Krauss - Amazing Grace
We are proud to present ‘Amazing Grace’ feat. Alison Krauss, the third single from Andrea Bocelli’s brand new album, Believe. An enduring message of unity and hope sung by the most beloved Tenor Andrea Bocelli duetting with legendary country singer Alison Krauss. These themes run through the core of Andrea Bocelli’s brand new album, Believe, out now. Nov 13, 2020 Andrea Bocelli 

BELIEVE - making of
Through the words of the team guided by Creative Director Stefano Scozzese, we look at some emotional moments in the 'making of' the new album artwork. 'BELIEVE', is out now: https://andreabocelli.lnk.to/Believe

November 10, 2020
Andrea Bocelli

DECEMBER 18, 2020 - JANUARY 2, 2021
Experience the magic of The Nutcracker: Beyond the Stage!
In the classic fairy-tale of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, she rescues him from the sword of the evil Mouse King. But, in 2020, evil is all the uncertainties that torment a fallen prince in pursuit of a career in the world of ballet. Separated from his family during the lockdown, Alex, a 20-year-old struggling dancer, spends the cold, pandemic ridden winter in isolation and is forced to re-examine everything that was once familiar and is no longer, until he meets his Clara. Will he find the resolve to continue on his journey?
The Nutcracker, Beyond the Stage: Fallen Prince is an original story which will transport audiences through a young dancer’s passage, portraying hope, resilience and strength in pursuit of artistic dreams.
Available as an exclusive, limited time film release from December 18, 2020 until January 2, 2021, register online to access Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker: Beyond the Stage! 


This Is Canada Nice
Destination Canada Collaborates With Come From Away Creators
Destination Canada and the creators of Come From Away – the husband and wife duo, Irene Sankoff and David Hein – are collaborating to release a new and original song.
Canada Nice is a song of Canadian pride brought to life with animated visuals by Halifax-based animation studio Wonderlust.
Created as a love letter to Canada, Sankoff and Hein’s lyrics serve as a reminder of the nation’s reputable “niceness” and charm. Together they weave a compelling story of Canada’s diverse people and languages, the beauty of our cities and communities, the historic milestones and scientific achievements born here. From the top of Niagara Falls, to iconic and beloved delicacies from coast to coast to coast,
This is Canada Nice reminds us of Canada’s distinct personality and offers inspiration to explore when the time is right. 
07 Dec 2020 https://www.canadanice.ca/

Aerial Port Tour with Paul Gauguin Cruises
Cruise through French Polynesia on your device right from home on this aerial adventure!

May 7, 2020
Paul Gauguin
Cruise through French Polynesia on your device right from home on this aerial adventure!

Kilifi County Kenya – Photo credit: Samuel Phillips - Unsplash

A long time went by before I was able to understand this trip. Sometimes the present is not understood until it becomes the past. Kenya belongs to a continent of origins, remote and distant, and for now, for better or worse, many of its vast and beautiful rural areas remain far from the globalised world. Fran Provedo 
In a matter of two weeks I had organised everything. Bought the tickets from Buenos Aires to Mombasa, got the necessary vaccines, packed my things and let my friends know I was leaving. “I’m going to Kenya for a month, alone, just my backpack and camera, nothing else.” It was a long flight to Mombasa. I was very tired and somewhat nervous about it all. At the airport in Mombasa the image of a rhino gave me goosebumps. I had arrived.

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
BBC Earth

Photo credit: Yolanda - Pixabay

1.2 billion people on our planet still live without electricity. In Latin America alone, this number reaches 24 million people. This is the story of two brave women, who left everything familiar behind and traveled halfway around the world to embark on an incredible journey to bring solar light to their communities. Varial Cedric Houin

In Latin America alone, this number reaches 24 million people. What is it like to live without electricity or light in 2015? What is it like to live under the feeble flicker of a candle, an oil lamp, or a burning ocote branch? How can solar electricity change their way of life?
This story is an extract from “Doña Luz: Solar Mama Stories from Latin America”, a new book about human courage and determination, and fifteen indigenous women on a journey to solar energy.
For three months I travelled to eight different communities in Guatemala, Belize, Salvador, Ecuador, and Mexico, collecting the stories of fifteen mothers and grandmothers, who had been chosen by the nonprofit Barefoot College to train as solar engineers during six months in India. These women, who had never before travelled beyond their remote communities, left their husbands, children, their entire existence, to embark on a incredible journey to bring light to their communities... and a new life.


Queen Victoria's Christmas Feast
Her Majesty's Christmas menu from 1894. Please consider supporting me at https://www.patreon.com/LindsayHoliday In addition to being the Queen of the United Kingdom and the vast British Empire, Victoria might also be lauded as the Queen of Christmas. She and her beloved husband Prince Albert popularized many of the quintessential holiday traditions that we still enjoy today including the Christmas tree, Christmas cards and Christmas Crackers. Their 9 children enjoyed trees decorated with delectable dainties like sugar plums, candy canes and gingerbread. And many new delicious dishes were added to the traditional medieval fare on the royal holiday dining table including roast Turkey, chestnuts and plum pudding. Let’s take a look at the history of how these holiday foods made it on to her majesty’s table and enjoy a fabulously festive feast, fit for a Queen. Thanks to Jake Smith for use of the 1894 Osbourne House Christmas Menu. Check out more fantastic royal menus here: https://www.royal-menus.com/

Photo credit: wir_sind_klein /Pixabay

10 Desserts From Around the World to Try This Holiday Season
There’s more to holiday baking than gingerbread and fruit cake.
Most years you arrive at your family’s home for the holidays, and there on the table is the same plate of cookies as the year before. We’d never bash a classic chocolate chip or sugar cookie, but tradition can be seen somewhere other than repeat sweets–it’s OK to admit you’re tired of the basic holiday desserts.
This holiday season, allow your baking to be influenced by places far from home. Create a spread for the travels you wished you’d had this year, and (if done right) could just inspire the next year’s vacation.


Kaelin Dodge | December 14, 2020

Art, Image, Dress: Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo, a curator talk with Lisa Small
Lisa Small, Senior Curator of European Art at the Brooklyn Museum presents an illustrated talk about Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo and their self-crafted personas. She provides a behind-the-scenes look at how museum exhibitions that combine art, clothing, photography, and other elements enrich and expand our understanding of artists. Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo are two of the most celebrated modern artists of the 20th century. Kahlo's lyrical paintings--many of them deeply autobiographical--emerged from a crucible of illness, political commitment, and Mexican nationalism. O'Keeffe's art reflects aspects of her life and a profound sense of place, distilled into the crisp lines and abstracted forms of modernism. Widely photographed and known in their lifetimes as much for how they looked and dressed as for their art, both artists have become popular culture icons. Two recent exhibitions, 'Georgia O'Keeffe: Art, Image, Style' and 'Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving,' have explored this phenomenon, revealing how each artist's carefully considered mode of dress--O'Keeffe’s plain, black wrap dresses and Kahlo's colorful Mexican huipiles--was an integral part of their creative output and identity. Lisa Small, who worked on both of these exhibitions, is Senior Curator of European Art at the Brooklyn Museum. She has organized numerous exhibitions, including the 'Monet to Matisse' exhibition in Wichita in spring 2018 on its national tour. Additionally, Small curated 'Rodin: The Body in Bronze,' 'Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe,' 'The Rise of Sneaker Culture,' and 'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.' Originally recorded on Thursday, April 18, 2019 in the Howard E. Wooden Lecture Hall at the Wichita Art Museum in Wichita, Kansas. Dec 27, 2019
Wichita Art Museum

Luxury TINY HOUSE in Southern Italy! - Traditional Trullo Tour & Alberobello (Puglia)
Puglia, Italy is known for these amazing tiny homes, called Trulli. The history of these adorable dwellings is so unique! After a tour of our little luxury Airbnb, we head into Alberobello to see more of these preserved, traditional homes! Dec 2, 2019

The Endless Adventure

Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy | Venice & The North | Full Episode | S1EP01
Alex's journey begins in Venice, exploring secrets of a city she knows well. From Venice, Alex will spend time in a hidden gem nestled among the Lombard Alps, before rounding up her Northern adventure in achingly cool Milan. In Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy, Alex Polizzi embarks on a voyage of discovery back to her roots, taking in the colourful regions of Italy, from the cities and lakes of the North to the unmistakeably Mediterranean South. Along the way she will also uncover some of Italy’s hidden treasures, discovering regions that she knows little about, meeting unique characters and immersing herself in the culture of this great country. Dive into the world of Alex Polizzi, the famous businesswoman, hotelier and presenter. Follow her journey around Southern Europe or watch her mission to save British hotels from bankruptcy. 
Premiered Nov 4, 2020
Alex Polizzi

A Roman Bakery Run By Three Sisters... Who Never Smile! | Alex Polizzi
Alex arrives in a city she used to live in for three years, Rome! She explores the surroundings with a young lady and goes to a world famous bakery, whose owners have their own unique style when it comes to customer service! 

Nov 11, 2020
Alex Polizzi

Cuban STREET FOOD in Havana!!! We Hit the JACKPOT!!
Best Ever Food Review Show – Feb 2020

Eating Fries Around The World
From poutine to masala chips to salchipapas, experience these different types of fries around the world - POV style! Dec 2020 

Do you know Sami people? People under northern lights in Norway
Meet Karen Anna - an 83 years old Sami reindeer herder and listen to her story about life in the tundra. People under the Northern lights in Norway: a Sami reindeer herder, a world-class kiteboarder and a northern lights guide: what do they have in common? Meet people who live, work and play under the Northern Lights in Northern Norway. Dec 2019 – www.visitnorway.com

The archaeologist, the Sahara and the caravan | AFP
After half a century of roaming the Sahara desert, French archaeologist Thierry Tillet embarks on another expedition. An AFP team travels with his caravan and local guides in central Mauritania to trace ancient trade routes. Jun 4, 2020, AFP News Agency

Lead photo: Geralt – Pixabay

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