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I’m very happy to have gone on this adventure “Country Roads Scotland: Highlands and Islands” with guest host John Bishop.  It really was a pleasure. And I can’t thank you enough for keeping all of our ducks in a row as various arrangements—from flights to insurance—were put in place. You truly made all the difference in making travel easy in these strange times.
Really enjoyed our ‘ride’ through Scotland. (As a driver at home for myself and some non-driving friends, it was wonderful to be able to simply stare out the window at landscape—no roadside attractions, no giant billboards.)
Melissa did a great job, dealing with all the unexpected changes whether from QEII closures or serious traffic accident shutting out planned route. She was always good-natured, fun but low-key, provided just the right amount of information at the right time. It must have been so stressful, but she never showed that. Enjoyed the one time music was included as we drove onto Skye. A lovely touch!
Local guides, when used, were excellent too.
We had a congenial group of interesting people, all very good about mixing up where we sat at meals, etc.
Scottish people everywhere were always helpful and friendly—a real pleasure to travel in Scotland!

K M | Scotland